My Clawbie Nominations

Steve Matthews of Stem Legal and the Law Firm Web Strategy Blog has announced that nominations for the 2009 Clawbies are now open.

Since Steve said that his invite was coming, I’ve been thinking about where I was going to spend my votes and what I like about a blog. I concluded that it’s more about the blogger than the blog for me. With that in mind, here are my nominations.

  1. David Fraser’s Canadian Privacy Law Blog. I like David’s blog because he’s really, really into privacy and it shows in his blog and his other public activities. And David seems to get the scoop on good cases, either from a contact or from being involved (like on the strange and fascinating Lisa Raitt lost tape case). Finally, David’s also probably the only one of Lexpert’s Top 40 Under 40 with a blog. Congrats and thanks David!
  2. Michael Fitzgibbon’s Thoughts From a Management Lawyer. Mike doesn’t post as much as he used to, but when he does it’s good. His analysis is always tight but his style is casual, which makes for a presentation I admire greatly. Finally, Mike has been generous to me even though I’m at a competitor management-side employment firm. In other words, he understands what online social networking is really about. Thanks Mike.
  3. This is the University of Calgary Faculty of Law blog. It’s a regional blog, which is distinguishes it from Osgoode’s competitive offering – ultra-heavyweight two-time Clawbie winner The Court. I like The Court, but actually find ABLawg a more useful practice support, with content of day-to-day relevance. The current headlining post, for example, is on an FOI case. Unreal!

I wish I had more votes. Slaw is awesome, and I’m having a great time writing for it. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know Omar Ha-Redeye. Omar’s so high profile, but should not be underestimated because of it. He’s a pretty fascinating guy, with a lot of things to say that are well worth a listen. Finally, Antonin Pribetic – “The Trial Warrior” – is amazing. His content is right down my alley. I only wish I could keep up!

Thanks all! Good year.


One thought on “My Clawbie Nominations

  1. You mean people would actually underestimate me because of my high profile? If anything I would hope it would be the opposite.

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’m absolutely loving my time at Slaw as well.

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