Case Report – Order for production of hard drive to probe at late night Facebook use will stand

In April, the British Columbia Supreme Court ordered a hard drive to be produced to a neutral expert to identify and extract information about the amount of time the plaintiff spends on Facebook between eleven at night and five in the morning. It held that this information met the standard of relevance for production given the plaintiff had claimed that fatigue is preventing him from maintaining employment. It also characterized the scope of the defendant’s request as narrow and suggested the privacy interest of the plaintiff and other users of the (home) computer were resolved by engaging a neutral.

Yesterday, the British Columbia Court of Appeal dismissed a motion for leave to appeal. In doing so, Garson J. held that the appeal was not prima facie meritorious, but did note specific facts that indicated the order was not based on speculation.

Bishop v. Minichello, 2009 BCCA 555.

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