Information Roundup – 3 January 2010

Here are some links from the past few weeks:

I’ve spent the last couple weeks on the East Coast, have had a wonderful holiday and am ready for a new year of work. Here’s a pic from a beautiful day just after Christmas – not that the more adverse weather typically found in Halifax and surrounds lacks a certain charm.

See ya!



That’s you!
  1. RT @slaw_dot_ca Ontario E-Discovery Rules of Civil Procedure Now In Effect

  2. The Case of the Vanishing Full Time Professor [NYT]

  3. Big Nor’ Easter will strand me in Halifax ’till Tuesday. So upset I’ll need to surf woes away!

  4. @conniecrosby We blessed the countryside in Shelburne, ON with our nakedness. Happy New Year Connie!

  5. #10yearsago With friends in the country running naked in the snow.

  6. RT @stevematthews 2009 CLawBies Congrats all and thank you Steve. Nice to be part of this community!

  7. – The mother of all lobsters!

  8. Father-in-law theorizes that most work in business world gets done in first five months of year. Better get on it!

  9. RT @wiselaw Should a judge be on Facebook? – Toronto Star

  10. Hey @rochfrey. What was your time? You can check mine out at A (very) former talent of mine 🙂

  11. RT @PrivacyLaw “Warrantless Dorm Search Upheld ”

  12. Grateful for good surf and wonderful weather today. Abuzz!

  13. Lots of weather in NS now, and swell potential for tomorrow. Negotiated a drop off at the beach after parents and tots swim. I’ll take it.

  14. Man C.A. affirms quashing of orders to produce media tapes

  15. RT @nggauthier Cellphone Searches

  16. RT @slaw_dot_ca Information and Privacy Cases of the Year

  17. – Small kine east coast xmas swell

  18. @a_cameron – Happy holidays from the opposite coast Alex! Killer view!

  19. Replied to @omarharedeye‘s comment on FB production orders here:

  20. RT @slaw_dot_ca Slaw Wins Blawggie – Again [Congrats @fodden!]

  21. @ eMichaelPower Family here safe and sound thx, and only 50 minutes late. Have a nice holiday!

  22. SCC okays defence of resp. communication on matters of pub. interest Not rest. to pro. jnlists

  23. – Family pickup at Haligax airport. Excellent waiting lounge!

  24. Today the OCA granted leave to appeal this FOI decision, which must drive the IPC/Ontario nuts:

  25. How do I know @michaelgeist is a thought leader? His tweet of is pushing blog to 300+ hits.Thx! You too @privacylawyer

  26. In Hali. Fast until one hour out, then storm hit. The Columbine audiobook is disturbing, sad and intense. All I can take until trip home.

  27. Another FaceBook production order made [Canada]

  28. Will download and listen to Dave Cullen’s “Columbine,” which sounds pretty good. Lots of Red Bull too.

  29. Getting ready to drive 17 hrs solo to Halifax. Shortest day of year, hairless cat on board and a mean case of carpal tunnel. Apprehensive.

  30. @thetrialwarrior 🙂 More into the journey than the destination, but am guilty of recycling old posts off of leave decn’s. Thx for the RTs!

  31. But SCC also denies leave in Tadros background check case. SCC bulletin My summary

  32. Leave to appeal in FOI case to granted by SCC today. SCC bulletin My summary

  33. RT @clarinette02 ‘School cyberbully wins free-speech case’

  34. Going head-to-head with un.counsel in mock arb. on “Living w Technology and Other Workplace Technologies” at 1:00. Audience will vote. Fun!

  35. RT @slaw_dot_ca U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Review Right to Read Employee’s Messages

  36. Decision on leave to appeal in FOI case to be rendered by SCC Thurs. SCC headnote My summary

  37. RT @vanssurf Tiger Woods isn’t hiding. He just showed up at the Pipeline Masters!

  38. More e-mail skirmishes in Canadian FOI law

  39. RT @KangaCairns Billabong Pipe Masters ON in Pumping Barrels, ASP World Title Showdown Begins – Watch it LIVE via

  40. – At 2.5 he fully appreciates x-mas this time ’round.

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