A refresh… and happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a great year for this blog, capped off by sharing the Clawbies award for Best Practitioner Blog with Erik MacGraken.and his BC Injury Law and ICBC Claim Blog. Congrats to Erik and all the other winners and finalists. Also, thank you to Steve Matthews of Stem Legal for supporting the Clawbies project and all the people who nominated All About Information. It’s very nice to be appreciated.

As for the refresh, I whinged a little last summer about needing to close this blog down, but have opted instead to do something less radical to keep All About Information feeling fresh. So I opted for a new theme – WordPress’ “Journalist v. 1.9” – and a slightly expanded scope of coverage. Libel and slander issues are coming to me often now in my practice, and there’s a strong enough link to a blog focused on “information law” to justify bringing this highly-relevant subject area within scope.

Looking forward to another great year. All the best!


4 thoughts on “A refresh… and happy New Year!

  1. Dan, Congratulations and glad to see a change of mind about the blog. You might be interested to see that the recent Canadian case concerning responsible journalism/defamation gets a run in the weekly column on law related matters by Richard Ackland in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.


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