Information Roundup – 18 March 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Roundup, partly because I went to a new design in the new year that’s taken a greater effort to write. With a view to sharing more links to current information more often, I’m going to revert back to a design that’s closer to what I was posting last year. However, thanks to a great idea from law practice management consultant Ron Friedmann, will simply re-post my from my Twitter feed. To keep with the spirit of microblogging, I’m going to refrain from editing and give them to you straight. Thanks Ron!

Here are some things within the domain that have bumped around on Twitter and caught my interest:

Spring has sprung here in Southern Ontario, and I’m re-enamoured with paddling after struggling through late fall and winter. It may be hard to believe, but Lake Ontario around Toronto can be extremely beautiful. I’d encourage everyone to find a way to appreciate the lake. I’ve attached a picture below from last weekend’s paddle around Toronto Island that shows how nice the water can be (on a good day). There are more pictures posted here. The beaches at Hanlan’s Point and Gilbrartar Point are incredible. Let’s keep them clean!



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