I’m twittering

On the Rogers’ technology adoption curve it’d be fair to deem me either a “sleepy early adopter” or a “relatively early majoritarian.” So after reading a number of raves from inside and outside the legal blogging community about Twitter and its great successes in 2008, I figured it was about time to join in.

Yesterday I brought my long-dormant Twitter account to life and am now following basically anybody I know whose Twittering in the Canadian legal community as well as some of the more profound legal Twitterers from south of the border. Have I missed you? Please let me know.

My very early impression is that Twitter is both amazingly impersonal and amazingly intimate. Could there be a tool more ready-made to facilitate the merger of personal and professional lives?

So I’m enthused, and am looking forward to using Twitter together with this blog in the upcoming year. I plan on pushing more bite sized information and privacy content out through Twitter and saving a little more context for my regular “Information Roundup” feature. Twitter may also help me bring the content of this blog into focus by giving me a good vehicle for collaborating on all the other things I find interesting. I’ll need to ease my way into more personal tweets, but something tells me that won’t take long.

Please follow if you care!


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