2008 Canadian Law Blog Awards

I’m honored to have received recognition in the Best Practitioner Support Blog category of the 2008 ClawBies, won by Clark Wilson’s Canadian Trademark Blog.

Congrats to all winners and finalists, with a special nod to co-finalists Donna Seale and Michael Fitzgibbon, blogging inspiration and winner of the Non-Legal Audience Award Connie Crosby and David Doorey, whose Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog won the Best New Blog Award and who I’m looking forward to following in 2009. Thanks also to Steve Matthews, whose hard work has obviously gone far in helping develop a vibrant Canadian legal blogging community.

Happy new year.  Stay warm and safe!


5 thoughts on “2008 Canadian Law Blog Awards

  1. Thank you Laurie, and congrats to you too for your Best New Blog Award. I’m looking forward to following it this year. I see virtual work as a means of one day allowing for a Toronto-based practice that allows for plenty of time spent near the ocean, so encourage you to keep pushing the boundaries! Dan.

  2. Thanks Dan (and I think my comments are okay now!) I bet you could very easily convert to a virtual based practice when you are ready – near the ocean sounds pretty darn good, especially on a cold Alberta January morning!

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