Information Roundup – Volume 2013, Edition #1

The “Information Roundup” is back!

This is something I’ve run in the past that features a compilation of tweets plus a personal note of some kind. I’m going to bring it back because I’ve started tweeting links to information and privacy decisions that don’t quite deserve a full post and want a good record of them somewhere. It will also be nice to add a little bit of colour back into the blog.

So here’s the first list for 2013, with a more to come as we go:

As for me, I’m quite obsessed by paddling (a prone paddleboard) right now and recorded this video just after Toronto had its big snowstorm this Christmas. It’s quite a beautiful thing to be on the Lake O at this time of year. Dark and moody but beautiful. I hope the video gives you an appreciation of the variety of experiences the Lake can offer and maybe an urge to get wet.

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