Internal investigations and the cloud at ACFI fraud conference

I presented today on the topic of internal investigations and the cloud at the annual Association of Certified Forensic Investigators of Canada fraud conference.

The issue: outsourcing business IT systems to the cloud may impede access to information for audit and investigatory purposes. Data security is front and center in most outsourcings, but audit and investigation capability is also a key concern and is subject to unique requirements. Business owners should recognize that security and audit departments are likely stakeholders in most outsourcing projects and support the best possible needs analysis and requirements definition process.

Here are my slides:


Here are some related resources, including some data security resources that came up in discussion.

Finally, here’s a link to my comment on the recent Calgary Police Service case, which I used as an intro to a segment on handling an evidence trail that leads to an employee’s personal cloud-based account.

I hope this content helps you approach a pressing issue for internal investigators.

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