Facebook Postings Just Cause for Dismissal

The BC Labour Relations Board has found, in a recent decision, that an employer had just cause to terminate two employees who posted on Facebook comments highly critical of the employer and other employees.  The Board dismissed claims that the terminations were an unfair labour practice related to the employees’ support of a successful unionization drive.  Interestingly, the Board dismissed any privacy-related claims by the dismissed employees, given the large number of Facebook friends that they each had (100 and 377 respectively), including other employees of the employer.

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George Vuicic

Greetings from Canada's capital! I'm based in Hicks Morley's Ottawa office, and practice in all areas of labour and employment law, including privacy and information issues. Being in Ottawa gives me the opportunity to work in both of our official languages, plus I can avoid judo throws by my southerly colleagues, tripping over their surf magazine collections, or getting drawn into rowdy drinking songs (well, that can still happen on occasion, unfortunately for anyone within earshot). I'm thrilled to be officially joining the blogosphere!

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