All About Information Now a Group Blog

Happy new year!

The new year always invites change, and I’m happy to announce a positive change for this blog. After three and a half years of posting about the law of information on my own, I’ve invited four very good colleagues to join All About Information as co-authors.

Paul Broad, Frank Cesario, Natasha Monkman and George Vuicic are all Hicks Morley lawyers. I sought them out to participate because I know them as dedicated to a process of c0ntiual learning and knowledge sharing and because each will bring a different perspective to the topic. We’re all lawyers who act exclusively for management, but Paul is a knowledge management lawyer with a strong privacy practice, Frank is a litigator, Natasha is pension and benefits lawyer and George, while having a very broad and successful Canadian labour and employment practice, is also called in New York.

The subject matter of the blog will remain the same as always: All About Information is, as the title suggests, all about the legal rules that govern information. I suspect the style to change and hope that the content develops to be more rich as a result of our combined effort. Please bear with us as we as we find a rhythm and our new group voice. We look forward to the blogging year ahead!


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