My CLawBie Nominations

Here are my nominations for the 2010 CLawBie awards.

I’m going to spend my nominations on law firm blogs this year. Many law firm blogs miss the mark because because they fail to capture the essence of a blog. Law firm blogs are getting better though, and I’d like to nominate three that are worthy of recognition:

  1. Entertainment & Media Law Signal. This a blog published by Heenan Blaikie’s Entertainment Law Practice, and proves that even large firms can create a genuine legal blog. Editors Bob Tarantino and Paul Chodirker link to lots of timely and relevant content, are not beholden to any particular structure of post and even employ humour! Most significantly, however, they are very willing to give props to lawyers who are not from Heenan Blaikie. This reflects well on them and breaks new ground for Canadian law firm blogs.
  2. Human Resources Legislative Update. Law firms don’t have to emulate independent legal blogs to blog well. Human Resources Legislative Update is a blog published by Hicks Morley (my own firm) that is as conservative as a law firm blog can be, but is excellent because of the way it addresses a relevant and very targeted niche. Human Resources Legislative Update covers legislative developments in human resources law that are likely to affect the firm’s clients. Coverage is timely and comprehensive. Posts are well written and easy to digest because Human Resources Legislative Update is written by knowledge management lawyers (Tierney Read Grieve and Pamela Hillen) who know how the legislative process works and can distill the significance of a legislative change.
  3. Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure Blog. I like this FMC blog for the same reason I like the Hicks Morley blog. It provides current information on very relevant and niche subject matter – the interpretation of the 2010 landmark amendments to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure. Unfortunately, posting frequency has tailed off of late, and I hope editors Jeremy Millard and Tiffany Soucy can find the time to keep going in 2011 (perhaps with more descriptive headlines). They’ve put out a quality blog that is likely more widely appreciated than they know.

I’d also like to give thanks to my most regular reads, all of whom have given me significant thoughts to ponder this year. These include Antonin Pribetic, Garry Wise, Erik Magraken, Omar Ha-Redeye, Michael Fitzgibbon and David Fraser.

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