Information Roundup – 12 August 2010

Here are some recent tweets you may be interested in:

Note the Craig Ball link on poor e-discovery process. It’s somewhat related to the subject of legal project management, a subject of interest. In fact, I’m speaking at the Canadian Bar Association 2010 Legal Conference & Expo next Tuesday on legal project management – giving the practitioner’s perspective.

I’ve been doing lots of project planning lately, mainly as part of developing proposals for selling legal services on for a project based fee. I’m just developing my key thoughts for next Tuesday, but here are a few potentials. First, project planning it’s not hard at all, but has nothing to do with the law and takes quite a lot of time to do right. Second, project management is easy if you have good project plan. And third, it will often be legitimate to charge a fee for creating a project plan. Back in my consulting days I recall being paid some very healthy fees to develop process-driven proposals that were based on creativity and had real value. Though I’d rather be doing law than planning to do law, I understand that planning delivers real client value. It only seems fair that it be remunerated.

Thanks for reading, and see ya!


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