Information Roundup – 25 July 2010

Hello. Here are some recent tweets from within the domain:

What’s going on with me? Well, it’s mid-summer and I do lots of post-secondary sector work, so it’s quiet. I did a respondent’s factum on a great OHSA appeal that’s coming up in October and even have time to put it aside and proof it with a fresh head. (I may tell you about it when it’s over, but not now.) Also having fun at home with a one and three year old. Music appreciation mornings on the weekend are the best. I’ve been looking forward to introducing the kids to the beauty of the ocean and surfing, but that will come later. This weekend we went through old Queen videos videos on YouTube and I could tell Hugo was pretty impressed with Freddie Mercury in his glory. And Pens is a dancer. Cool.

See Ya!


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