Information Roundup – 23 January 2010

Here are some recent tweets within the domain.

If you are an HR practitioner, please follow Hicks Morley’s new legislative updates blog. It’s quite a smart niche for a blog in my (non-objective) view – focusing on statutory changes related to human resources law.




That’s you!
  1. RT @slaw_dot_ca Hot News, Hot Legal Topic

  2. RT @slaw_dot_ca Social media risks — Slaw Agree with these sentiments.

  3. Law enforcement benefits from inadvertently hearing lawyer’s telephone call

  4. RT @marciahofmann: New paper on the myths and fallacies of “personally identifiable information” in consumer privacy.

  5. RT @slaw_dot_ca Tips & Myths of Web Usability — Slaw

  6. Narrow ruling in American employer text message audit case

  7. Happy international surfing day!

  8. Receipt of unsolicited e-mail not a “collection” under privacy statute

  9. One day into 3 day weekend solo. Learning 1: if my wife leaves me I will quickly OD on frozen pizza.

  10. RT @slaw_dot_ca What’s intrusive? — Slaw by@privacylawyer

  11. Started the work day with a nice surf. I could get used to this.

  12. RT @slaw_dot_ca Today’s CLA judgement big, but just how big to be determined — Slaw

  13. RT @slaw_dot_ca U.S. Supreme Court Overturns 9th Circuit in Privacy Case

  14. Media has come up short in the last three SCC cases. Hmmm.

  15. SCC allows appeal of decision recognizing constitutional right to public interest (FOI) override

  16. NYTimes: The Boring Speech Policy [On Obama leadership. So witty!]

  17. Big, big FOI case due out of the SCC tomorrow

  18. Exxon Valdez changed game on drug, alcohol testing (via @globeandmail)

  19. RT @slaw_dot_ca CanLII Keyword Gems

  20. Desert island privacy cases for employment lawyers

  21. RT @slaw_dot_ca Notarizing Electronic Documents

  22. Article on cloud based services adoption in Cdn higher ed via @complexed [Strange comment on PQ, but helpful.]

  23. NYTimes: Styles of Judging: The Rhetoric and the Reality

  24. RT @kevinokeefe: There’s no overnight business development success in blogging ~ from RLHB

  25. Google News experiments with human control, promotes a new serendipity with Editors’ Picks

  26. @pulat Congrats on the JD Pulat!

  27. NYTimes: Mind Over Mass Media

  28. RT @RossRunkel: Mesothelioma: Employer had duty to protect employee’s family

  29. @hicksmorley has launched a legislative update blog for human resources issues at

  30. RT @slaw_dot_ca SCC upholds publication ban without commenting on publication and the internet

  31. Sky

  32. Thanks for the RTs @yosie23 and @granastein. Appreciated!

  33. Please check out the Ryerson Law Research Centre’s “Digital Rights Rountable” – June 18th –

  34. …and published this C-29 – PIPEDA update Need to get back to work!

  35. Today’s presentation on developing social media policies

  36. RT @slaw_dot_ca @DavidCanton on LSUC new file retention and destruction guide — Slaw

  37. Inside the security fence at Deerhurst for municipal sector conference. Sleepy here, for now I guess.

  38. RT @slaw_dot_ca Appeal court writes a chapter on proportionality — Slaw

  39. Climbed a tree today for the first time in a long while.

  40. RT @managementlaw: Procedural Protection in Comtempt Proceedings

  41. RT @stevewerby: Should selection process for public university presidents be private? I think so. (via @sectorprivate)

  42. Took 5 hours to produce a bulletin in C-29 (PIPEDA amendment) and C-28 (FISA). PIPEDA amendments more fundamental than I had thought.

  43. The rise and fall of Carly Fiorina: an ethical case study. – [thx @hirecentrix]

  44. RT @AntoninPribetic: The Trial Warrior Blog: Selected Internet Law Bibliography [Bro in law on the list.]

  45. Spoliation remedy granted in favour of bereaved dog owner

  46. RT @slaw_dot_ca Privacy Breach Notification — Federal Amendments

  47. RT @BIHigherEdNews: How anxious parents affect colleges, students’ experience – USA Today

  48. RT @bccla: CBC on Access to Information Act s. 69 – Where information goes to die:

  49. With I-Pad, and without new suit.

  50. RT @slaw_dot_ca Beware the common law duty to retain a record — Slaw

  51. Witness quotes M. Twain in prep today: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Good witness.

  52. RT @@jordan_law21: 43% of in-house counsel turn to blogs as a primary source of news: [Helpful Jordan thx!]

  53. Reforming search & seizure

  54. On my way to the airport just in time for the t-storms. Deja vu from last Thursday. North Bay, keep a light on for me please!

  55. RT @slaw_dot_ca Should accountants have ‘privilege’? — Slaw

  56. Ontario government to consider Anti-SLAPP legislation

  57. OCA – negligent infliction of mental suffering damages not available in employment context – last Friday’s Ayotte:

  58. My beer buddies

  59. RT @wiselaw Legal battle erupts over black box [Cool case. My blog post here]

  60. The dangers of hearing matters in chambers

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