Desert island privacy cases for employment lawyers

I presented at the Law Society of Upper Canada’s “Six Minute Employment Lawyer” conference today. It was a very good honour to be invited to this successful and long-running program. Thanks to the LSUC and also to Co-Chairs Christine Thomlinson (see her firm’s blog here) and Malcom McKillop.

I managed to catch a few presentations from other more senior members of our bar. Other blawgers were also well-represented. It was nice to see Michael Fitzgibbon, Stuart Rudner and Omar HaRedeye, albeit briefly. Omar, if you have a Twitter stream of the event, please link it in a comment below.

I did a presentation called “Desert island cases for employment lawyers.” If you like case lists, check out the slides below. Slides with notes are over at SlideShare.

One thought on “Desert island privacy cases for employment lawyers

  1. I tweeted (almost) the entire event with the hashtag #lsuc. Unfortunately Twitter and I have not been getting along very well, and they don’t seem to be recognizing any of my hashtags.
    You can still retrieve all my live tweets though from the event by scrolling back. In the meantime I’ll file yet another futile petition with the Twitter overlords.

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