Information Roundup – 28 May 2010

29 May

Here are some recent tweets within the domain you may find of interest:

It’s been slow going for me here lately, and I apologize for that. Slow blogging and tweeting, ’cause I have a rule that I’ll actually read what I tweet and I’ve been quite busy with some really rewarding files.

The PIPEDA changes are the big news, though I wonder more and more how relevant the statute is if you’re not Facebook and not in the telecom or banking sectors. The Google Apps tweet is interesting too, and I recently had a chance to look a little into Microsoft’s competing Live@Edu product. Seems like the educational institution market for cloud services is real and the battle is well underway.

Hope you’re enjoying the summer!



One Response to “Information Roundup – 28 May 2010”

  1. Yosie Saint-Cyr May 29, 2010 at 3:38 am #

    Good rule… should be applied by everyone… read the content before retweeting!

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