Information Roundup – 19 January 2010

Here are some recent links within the domain that you might appreciate:

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a warm congratulations to “senior” blogger Michael Fitzgibbon. Michael, who blogs at “Thoughts from a Management Lawyer,” has taken his practice from its long-time home on Bay Street to continue it based on a more personal and innovative vision. All the best Michael! I just hope you still have time for Thoughts!


One thought on “Information Roundup – 19 January 2010

  1. Dan, thanks very much for your kind words and I will definitely continue with Thoughts from a Management Lawyer! After so many years, I wouldn’t even know how to stop. The new firm is up and running in earnest and the response has been truly overwhelming and I am, frankly, humbled by the reception it has received. I will absolutely keep in touch and will continue to follow All About Information one of the most informative blogs going. Thanks again.

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