Information Roundup – 27 September 2009

Here are some recent tweets of note!

I’m in on a Sunday taking care of some business before a surf holiday with family. We did get some family time this morning. Here’s a pic.  Happy times.

See ya!




  1. – One big snail man.

  2. RT @CanadianPI Limiting employer liability for breaches of employee data [But wht abt due diligence/harm prevention?!]

  3. – Rainy walk.

  4. RT @karensawatzky On the bus to #ImagineNiverville for 1/2 marathon. Wish me luck! [Good luck!]

  5. RT @slaw_dot_ca Judicial Humour >> Slaw

  6. RT @slaw_dot_ca CBA guidelines on using electronic marketing >> Slaw

  7. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein. (via @Law_Writer and @JacyWhittaker) Thanks!

  8. RT @slaw_dot_ca Now’s a good time get good at processing electronically stored information >> Slaw

  9. RT @stevewerby 13% of med school deans admit to student incidents involving sharing private patient data via web

  10. Finally got through Ohm’s anonymization paper: An essential read? Hat tip to @DavidCanton.

  11. RT @slaw_dot_ca Proving an Email >> Slaw

  12. RT @WieseLawFirm Interesting short post on trust in negotiations – (via @JamesDunningGeo)

  13. En route to The North for a couple days. Expecting Timmins to be brisk and beautiful.

  14. Wrongful dismissal plaintiff can discover his former subordinate about her harassment complaint

  15. Thanks for the FF @jacywhittaker, @omarharedeye, @anthonybushnell and @retrorize. And thanks for the props @karensawatzky. Good weekend!

  16. @RossRunkel NBA drug tests: State law can override collective-bargaining agreement

  17. – Earned this beer today. Good weekend all!

  18. – New eco park at Queen and McGee. Cool.

  19. Presentation on managing employee use of social media applications

  20. Prepping for a talk on managing employee use of social media. My part of a presentation with the wonderful @conniecrosby

  21. RT @RossRunkel When is an Employee’s Off-Site Work (e.g., from Home) Compensable?

  22. Yesterday a lost baby squirell. Tonight a fox at Dundas & Logan. The animals are taking over Toronto!

  23. Thanks for the RT @smireau Those guys do really cool work!

  24. @omarharedeye Thanks for you comments on the labour practice and law school piece Omar!

  25. RT @slaw_dot_ca Get to know… business simulation designer James Chisholm >> Slaw

  26. RT @slaw_dot_ca York University v. Bell Canada Enterprises: Observations and implications for future Norwich jurispru…

  27. – Nature moment in Toronto. Cute thing man.

  28. Great post by prof brenner shows how proof of motive is key to delineating just and unjust publication of personal info

  29. Thanks for the recent RTs Dan and Stuart! Follow @yourbestdefence and @canadianHRLaw.

  30. Helpful constructive dismissal case for higher ed. institutions. Recognizes wide right to re-assign sr. admin duties:

  31. Ontario court orders identity of Gmail user to be disclosed… good discussion of balancing of interests

  32. @juliecolgan But RM checklists are so easy for us lawyer hacks to digest. Thanks, and have a nice weekend!

  33. Ha ha @karensawatzky I think you cured what a 14 hour workday on no sleep couldn’t. Thank you!

  34. Liked “Is Your Company Clueless?” (about records management):

  35. Can’t get THomas rhe Tank Engine theme song out of my head, and am going to work to preserve my sanity.

  36. @pegduncan Canadian e-discovery case digest updated [Thanks Peg! Just used it on a file last night.]

  37. Thanks for the RTs @CanadianHRLaw, @thetrialwarrior and @jacywhittaker!

  38. RT @slaw_dot_ca A comment on legal education, labour and employment scholarship and labour and employment practice >…

  39. Privilege in e-mails waived based on uncontested waiver claim:

  40. Donning the sling for the new pre-dinner walk with Pens. Confession: i read case law while walking. A sorry sight I am!

  41. RT @yosie23 Swine flu and the workplace, participate in this blog discussion [Congrats on the new blog Yosie!]

  42. RT @VBalasubramani blogged: “The Admissibility of Tweets” (h/t @mglickman)

  43. Just installed TrueCrypt on netbook. Pretty painless stuff!

  44. Information Roundup on admin. tribunal privacy guidelines, PHIPA circle of care and September:

  45. Reading nursing text for a case. Says confidence, risk taking, perserverence, creativity and humility are critical thinking attributes. Cool

  46. Congrats on the magazine cover @toronto_lawyer You demonstrate a deep mastery of the “blue steel”! 😉

  47. Arbitrator Kaplan follows Imperial Oil case… says no to random alcohol testing:

  48. Thanks for the FF @jjhelp and @heathercolman and the RT @thetrialwarrior. Nice to hear from you too @pulat. Bon weekend!

  49. All I will say is that this IPC/Ontario decision is worth a read:

  50. Enjoyed this Ontario judgement (USA v. Yemec) by Belobaba J.: Great story, interesting law, reads like a novel.

  51. RT @slaw_dot_ca Death of an Innocent Man >> Slaw

  52. RT @slaw_dot_ca Social Media Background Checks >> Slaw

  53. RT @Pr1vacy Brochure: Circle of Care: Sharing Personal Health Information for Health-Care Purposes [PDF]

  54. RT @slaw_dot_ca Michael Fitzgibbon Joins Slaw >> Slaw

  55. RT @slaw_dot_ca The case for short legal communications >> Slaw

  56. RT @rcalo Can’t recommend this enough. Hope they keep it up! [Will give it a shot. Thanks!]

  57. Via @DougJasinski View a Dipity timeline of Canadian law firms on twitter: [So cool!]

  58. The Alberta Court of Apeal RSS feed on CanLII now comes with keywords. Very nice!

  59. – Family cut by George.

  60. A reminder about what we lawyers do: [Thank you Mike.]

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