Information Roundup – 28 August 2009

Here are some links to materials within the domain that you might find interesting (in chronological order):

I’m heading to Halifax for with Hugo this weekend. It was meant to be a father-son construction check and surf trip. I had visions of introducing Hugo to shin-high surf for the first time (now two and a half) out at Martinique. Turns out Bill is coming and all my Halifax friends are frothing about the pending “swell of a decade.” I’m trying hard to keep my expectations at zero, ’cause between the limited length of our trip, Hugo supervision duties and the short window of opportunity associated with Halifax hurricane swell, it ain’t going to happen for me. (Monday looks like the choice day, and the track below looks downright disturbing!)

Should still be a good father-son adventure though – Wanna go on another surf check Hugs?” – and I cross my fingers that things will remain safe. I’ll try to post pics over at Twitter if you’re interested.

See ya!



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