Information Roundup – 2 August 2009

Here are some recent links from the domain:

Wednesday will be the second anniversary of the day I started this blog. In two years I’ve made 374 posts. I’ll keep the total visit stat private, but will tell you that this is not a high traffic blog, something I attribute to the technical nature of the content that I’m wedded to. All About Information’s highest traffic day was 283 unique visitors on May 13th of this year, where a link from Michael Geist on the Cole case gave me a good spike.

I’ve been torturing myself over this decision for the last couple of weeks, but I’ve decided to set the blog to terminate (at least as you know it) at the end of February 2010. I’m having great fun blogging still, but am a believer in forced change. If I keep going indefinitely I’m bound to get bored (or boring), so need to make a commitment to shake things up. Maybe I’ll feed this content into a text? Or keep blogging on information management and privacy in a new format? Maybe I’ll use different social media to stay engaged online and finally figure out how to use LinkedIn? I don’t really know, but if you have any ideas please make a suggestion!

One thing I’ll certainly do is try and rediscover my athletic self. I’ve picked a February end date because March is really the start of the paddling season here, with some beautiful water. No commitments yet, but if things go as planned I’ll do some good crossings later in the year.

Hope you’ve enjoyed and keep coming back for the next half year!


2 thoughts on “Information Roundup – 2 August 2009

  1. Well, Dan, high traffic or not, your blog remains as ‘critical reading’ on my list. While I appreciate your desire to keep things changing, I certainly hope to be able to access some kind of content from you past your “termination date”!

    Happy paddling….

  2. Thanks very much Donna. The greatest rewards of blogging have been gaining a sense of community with you and others. The content here will live online as long as WordPress allows!

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