Information Roundup – 13 July 2009

Other than the case law I’ve posted on, here’s what I’ve been reading since the last Roundup on July 5th: 

Every so often I re-jig my approach to digesting information from the web. Since I started on Twitter in January I’ve found it great for picking up on current affairs. I’ve liked the “living index” quality of Twitter so much that I’ve really been far too neglectful of RSS feeds – pretty much mass deleting everything rather than keeping up and digesting.

About a week ago I went back and did some serious weeding of my NewsGator feeds and eliminated any feeds that only broadcast the type of information I’m likely to get through Twitter. At the top of my new “desert island” list is the University of Calgary’s “ABlawg,” which struck a chord with the two posts linked above. I also like Foley Hoag’s Security, Privacy and the Law, Littler’s Workplace Privacy Counsel, Proskauer Rose’s Privacy Law Blog and K&L Gates’ Electronic Discovery Law blog via RSS.

Take care!


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