Information Roundup – 22 June 2009

Here are the links I’ve tweeted since the last Roundup:

Been going very hard lately. I think summer is supposed to be a time for a little catch up, but I probably agreed to take on a few too many speaking engagements and had a couple of big matters to handle at the same time. I do find getting out and speaking a good way of learning though, and I have no regrets about my last month in that regard.

On the personal front, we’re expecting our second child very shortly. It’s about time, because Hugo (below) seems two going on ten. I just talk to him like an adult now, ’cause he seems to understand everything. Big vocabulary too – good words and bad!

The baby’s due just after Canada Day, and I’m heading out solo to our friends Dave and Janie’s wedding on Cape Breton island that weekend. A certain disaster waiting to happen, but rushing back to TO could also make for a good story. We’ve never been good at keeping things simple!

Take care and enjoy the links!




  1. Port and Popsicles on the back porch. So good an experience I should sell tickets!

  2. Liked Mike Fitzgibbon’s Summary Judgement in Employment Disputes:

  3. Thank you for the RT@MAllinotte!

  4. RT @slaw_dot_ca New post on Slaw: The Justice Reporter Printed a copy for review. Looks good.

  5. Supremely secret: top [Canadian] court wants law clerks muzzled: Not a hard find, but interesting.

  6. Interesting case on ER vicarious liability for EE privacy misdeed: Via @privacylaw

  7. Nice day in TO. Morning at Riverdale farm and then a paddle out around Leslie Spit.

  8. Good TO Portlands experience this am. Windsurf sesh followed by splash in the pool at Mayfair. Feeling human now.

  9. Reading The Court’s Privacy is Dead post:

  10. “Crown brief” production judgement by the BCCA: [Still unpacking this, but have recorded the essence.]

  11. Congrats! RT @wenlib Trying to focus – too excited about the new job. I’m going to be the Manager of client services at the Leg Library…

  12. @privacylawyer Yes, we’re getting lots of mileage out of it. Can’t wait to hear your views over a beer some day…no tape recorder present!

  13. John Gregory pushes back on my comment on the scope of privacy rights and Raitt at @slaw_dot_com:

  14. @erikmagraken on today’s Crown brief production case from the BCCA: Thx Erik!

  15. @dominicjaar Nice gig, I’d say!

  16. Commented on the @a_cameron post on the Raitt tape case @slaw_dot_ca:

  17. Thanks @pensionlawyer and @sectorprivate. Further developed thoughts (sort of) here:

  18. Privacy guy’s awesome digest is up:

  19. And on a more serious note, great OBA dinner on search and seizure. Prof Austen drew an nice link between R. v. Patrick and Internet privacy

  20. @beermile Very flattered by the comparison to Bobby Riggs, but your assumption about my fitness level might be too generous!

  21. Thank you @smireau and @helply. Here’s the privacy wheel, posted by @privacynow from down under:

  22. I recall following someone who created this great “privacy wheel,” an internal communication/training aid. Can you help me find it?

  23. Decided to attend this OBA dinner program on search and seizure tonight. Looks good. If you’re in TO, check it out:

  24. RT @beermile just surpassed 10,000 entries. (via @doctorfantastic)

  25. Thanks for this (on U. Illinois admissions suit) @PrivacyLaw

  26. Reminded of this timeless article in an firm project. Forget the Windup and Make the Pitch:

  27. Added short addendum to Ontario IPC personal e-mails case:

  28. Tandem appeals in Prime Minister’s agenda book matter come in against public access:

  29. Paddleboarders prepared to pack it on:

  30. Final argument in big matter (for me) today. Exhausted. Fulfilled.

  31. Student appeals and higher education student affairs issues: Good presentation/discussion this morn. Materials here.

  32. Like a couple from the @eschaeff “at the blogs” including the one from @AdamsDrafting on bad words in contracts.

  33. Got it!…

  34. Case Report – Raitt “lost recorder” judgement published: [Leading the way for bizarre privacy case of the year!]

  35. Thanks for the FF @erikmagraken, @omarharedeye, @berskinparr and @sectorprivate. Enjoy your weekends!

  36. #followfriday @jordan_law21 for the free advice on the use of “wither” and “whither.” Thanks again Jordan!

  37. The CBA has published its new Privacy Pages newsletter:

  38. RT @RalphLosey Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case Over Computer Tech’s Right To Search Your Computer

  39. Off to Rethink Breast Cancer’s “Romp”. Should be fun!

  40. Posted e-mail law presentation here: Found today very useful. Good presentation by @a_cameron and others!

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