Information Roundup – 25 April 2009

Here are some of my tweets of the week on information management and privacy law:

I heard a bump in the night this week, freaked-out and immediately removed all pictures of Hugo, our son, from the public internet. Sounds paranoid, but I recently heard a story about a Toronto break-in that makes the risk feel quite real. I’m as proud a father as any, but any risk at all is not worth it. I’d still like to share a little something personal in these weekly posts, but you’re likely to hear more about me and Seanna from here on in.

The picture below is from a beautiful surf spot in Chile. It’s very well known, but I’ll refrain from naming out of respect for convention anyway. I spent a week in 2004 staying solo right up from where the picture was taken, was blown away by the beauty of the place and was freaked out by some big waves. They’re at least triple-overhead in this picture. I managed the very hard paddle out later in the day when it came down a bit and after getting ripped down the point and spit out on the beach two times. I’d encourage everyone (surfers and others) to take a trip to Chile’s coast and take an interest in the local environmental issues. It’s a wonderful place.

See ya!



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