My “conference season” appearances

I’m not sure where it’s written that May/June is prime time for continuing education conferences, but it sure seems to be that way. Here’s my schedule of public appearances over the period.

  • “Best Practices for Document Retention and Destruction,” at The Canadian Institute”s Meeting Your Privacy Obligations conference – May 27 & 28 in Toronto. I plan to present broadly on “The Anatomy of a Retention Rule” and deal with privacy and regulatory compliance, risk management, production-related issues and other practical considerations. Looks like a very solid lineup, with commissioners Jennifer Stoddart and Frank Work and privacy lawyers and bloggers David Fraser and Brian Bowman on the roster.
  • Workplace Privacy segment at the OBA’s Hot Topics in Privacy Law – Morning of June 8 in Toronto. This program has a segment on privacy breaches then a series of rapid-fire presentations, mine on workplace privacy. I have ten minutes to present three important ideas relating to e-mail investigations, audits and surveillance.
  • “E-mail as Evidence” at Osgoode PDP’s Obtaining, Producing and Presenting Electronic Evidence – June 11 & 12 in Toronto. Thrilled to be co-presenting with John Gregory on this one. We’re meeting soon to prepare, but the session billed has a focus on e-mail management.
  • Pre-conference workshop at the Canadian Association of College and University Student Service’s annual conference – June 14th in Waterloo. This is billed as a case law update relating to student discipline and related issues, but I’ll strive to keep the discussion practical. I did this session two years ago and focused on information management, threat assessment and the duty of care. We had a great discussion and I hope to facilitate the same this time around. It’s always a pleasure to engage with student services administrators, whose skills in making practical judgement calls are tested day-in and day-out.

I’m looking forward to meeting people and advancing my thoughts this conference season. Please browse these programs and consider signing up. And if you’re attending (or even if not) and have any questions, issues or suggestions that might help me to develop relevant content, please comment or e-mail. I’d appreciate any input you can provide!


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