Privacy Post 2008 Year in Review Published

I’m happy to announce that we’ve published the Information and Privacy Post “2008 Year in Review.” This years’ edition covers 100 cases from 2008 on the law of privacy and access to information, protection of confidential business information and the law of production. Co-editor Paul Broad and I also have done a forward to the annual that discusses the following five highlights:

  1. Ontario Court of Appeal says journalists can’t shield wrongdoers…appeal pending (on National Post)
  2. Three civil privacy claim cases out of Ontario… the dawning of a new era? (on Nitsopoulos, Warman and Colwell)
  3. SCC says privacy commissioner can’t adjudicate on privilege claims (on Blood Tribe, E.F.A. Merchant and Proplus)
  4. Alberta Court of Appeal decision lends some clarity to pleas for a spoliation remedy (on Black & Decker and Commonwealth Marketing Group)
  5. SCC says what’s disclosed in the discovery room stays in the discovery room (on Juman v. Doucette)

We hope you enjoy!


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