My ClawBie nominations

I’m very happy to support Steven Matthews’ Canadian Law Blog Awards by talking a bit about who I follow as well as forwarding three nominations for the 2008 awards.

My nominations are…

  1. Slaw.  Not that it needs my help!  I recently explained my re-finding of Slaw. You can practice with your head down or you can practice with good view of the context in which you’re practicing.  I can’t think of a better source of information for a Canadian lawyer to build that good view.
  2. Cavanagh Williams Update.  This is a great blog for its coverage of Ontario civil procedure and related cases.  I hope I’m being fair by classifying it as a “by-lawyers-for-lawyers” blog, but as such it has garnered praise from more than one of my blog-following Hicks Morley colleagues.  Though it was posted shortly before 2008, I particularly appreciated the firm’s coverage of the 2007 Montebello civil justice conference.
  3. The Court.  Another super-heavyweight.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s the substantive law that gets me, and for regular commentary on the substantive law The Court ranks at the top on relevance and credibility. I prefer a little more brevity than offered by The Court, but will actually print and digest a post that hits the mark like Ryder Gilliand’s comment on Simpson v. Mair.

Along with these I’ve been following a number of others, most super-heavyweights and most with content that overlaps to some degree with my own.  In no particular order, my other top reads are David Canton, David Fraser, Deeth Williams Wall e-Tips, Michael Fitzgibbon, Michael Geist, Alan Gahtan and Rob Hyndman.  As the last task in the dying moments of my staycation, I’ve updated by blogroll to include links to them all.  Now I’m ready to go back to work!

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