Information Roundup – June 5, 2008

Seanna’s off in Halifax for a five day sales conference and I’m a single parent for the time being. Hugs walked for the first time today too (pretty much all at once). I’m going to have him doing headstands by the time Seanna gets home.

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

  • Privacy Commissioner of Canada, “Leading by Example: Key Developments in the First Five Years of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.” There are no new policy statements in here, but it is a great single-source resource for the key jurisprudence on PIPEDA.
  • Cathy Delzeil, “Clamping down on discovery: the new rules of civil procedure.” A really nice summary of the impending changes to the Nova Scotia civil rules. (The Lawyers Weekly)
  • Ralph Losey, “The lessons of Qualcomm: A wake up call for the legal profession.” Mr. Losey argues that Qualcomm is a reminder that litigators have a duty to the court to ensure their representations about document preservation and retrieval are accurate. He also argues, despite how hard it is to get a handle on our clients’ records as externals, that this duty can’t be avoided by retainer agreements that lay the burden at clients’ feet. (E-Discovery Team)
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “Search Engine” (5 June 2008). Jesse Brown talks to a representative of Proofpoint, a vendor of automated e-mail monitoring solutions, about a study it commissioned on corporate data loss. I haven’t bothered to download the report, but here’s what you pick up from the interview and Proofpoint’s press release: 41% of companies with over 20,000 employees that were surveyed hired people to manually monitor employee e-mail in the last year, 44% of all companies surveyed investigated an e-mail leak of confidential information in the last year and 26% of all companies surveyed fired an employee for breach of an e-mail policy in the last year. Proofpoint commissioned Forrester Consulting, who surveyed 301 American companies with more than 1000 employees. (CBC)


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