Information Roundup – April 16, 2008

Still in NC, enjoying better than expcted surf. Here’s what I’ve been into lately.

  • Government of British Columbia, “E-Health Statute Increases Patient Access and Privacy.” The BC government has introduced legislation billed as enabling “e-health” systems that ensure patient privacy. Hat tip to Michael Geist.
  • Citzen Media Law Project, “Sykes v. Seidel.” Here’s a link to the Citzen Meida Law Project’s legal threats database entry on the Seidel subpoena. Kathleen Seidel publishes a blog called Neurodiversity on autism-related issues, and was subpoenad by plaintiffs in a austism lawsuit after posting a critique of the lawsuit and its handling. Seidel has moved to quash on a number of grounds and apparently has raised “journalists privilege.”
  • Associated Press, “Threatening Graffiti Leads College to Cancel Class.” A recent campus threat response news story from the United States. (New York Times)
  • Alice Mathias, “Fear and Learning on Campus.” Here is an editorial that was published in the NYT today on the Virginia Tech event’s more subtle impact on campus life. (New York Times)
  • James Alan Fox, “Topics in University Security: Lockdown 101.” This editorial, also published today, criticizes emergency planning overreaction.

This is the one year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting. I’ve been engaged to advice on managing the privacy issues and the threat of campus violence since then. My perspective is best summarized in the attachment to this post.


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