Information Roundup – January 27, 2008

Not bad for a dead of winter weekend. A monochrome out and back paddle from the famous R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant to the not-so-famous Ashbridges Bay Water Filtration Plant on Saturday. On Sunday, a nice brunch with Seanna and Hugo and then another paddle with just me and the long-tail ducks that winter on the lake.

Here are my good reads of the week.

  • Ronald K. Perkowski, Coping With the EDD Drumbeat. There are lots of articles on controlling the cost of electronic discovery, but I’d call this one “contrarian” and even “radical” in that it shoots hard at consultant, vendor and external counsel practices. By in-house counsel at Haliburton Company. (
  • Stewart Weltman, Lean Litigation Practice. I like the ideas here: avoid the lawyer as firefighter syndrome; analyze the case in advance; develop your best case story; create a roadmap and a budget; and litigate with the goal of winning, not settling. (ABA Section of Litigation)
  • Jennifer Stoddart, Response to Industry Canada’s PIPEDA Consultation. A letter from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Includes an interesting request for a new discretion to decline to hear complaints that are frivolous or (confining her mandate even further) not in the public interest. (Privacy Commissioner of Canada)
  • David Fraser, US Department of Commerce privacy incident response plan. David links to the Department’s risk assessment matrix for breach notificaiton. I like the concept of having a tool for rapid risk assessment for supporting breach response. You’re sometimes forced to make big dollar decisions on gut without one, and finding an expert to put him or herself on the hook is hard. This is about the most practical model I’ve seen, but I wonder how valid it is. If anyone knows of any other risk assessment models please let me know. (

I’ve been listening to the Great Lake Swimmers all weekend too. Just a great indie-folk band from Toronto. You can listen here. See ya!

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