Information Roundup – January 20, 2008

20 Jan

No paddling this weekend. You’d be surprised how warm today’s wetsuits are. They can take you to minus ten centigrade comfortably, but in fresh water you get a lot of ice-up below minus five and if its windy getting in and out of the water can be pretty unpleasant. To rub my landlocked status in, I got surf reports (with pictures) from my friends Alex in Nova Scotia, Jean-Luc in Santa Barbara and Jan in Raglan, New Zealand. Can you tell that I get cranky when I don’t get in the water?!

Anyway, I came back to the law on the basis that pursuits of the legal kind can be as good a means of finding enlightenment as the aquatic. On that note, here’s what I read of interest this week.

  • Randy Cohen (The Ethicist), Anonymity Breach. An ethical (and legal dilemma) on investigating the identity of a student who writes discriminatory teaching evaluation under a promise of confidentiality. (New York Times)
  • Ellen Nakashima, In Child Porn Case, A Digital Dilemma. Covers an appeal that addresses whether a decryption order in furtherance of a child pornography investigation would violate the right against self-incrimination. (Washington Post)
  • Pete Yost, White House Missing CIA, Iraq E-Mails. The Washington Post has had the leading coverage on the allegations that the White House has failed to comply with the Presidential Records Act, now scheduled for a February 15th hearing by the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform. (Washington Post)
  • Ellen Perlman, Delete at Your Own Risk. Food for thought for freedom of information coordinators and government records managers. I agree with the basic premise, but disagree to the extent the article suggests that retention beyond statutorily-mandated retention periods is necessarily a good risk-management practice. (



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