Information Roundup – January 6, 2008

Back to work and excited about a fresh year ahead. On a personal note, Hugo’s eight months old and addicted to pulling himself to a standing position, and I was very pleased to manage a two hour paddle today on Lake O with five degree temps., not a breath of wind and nobody in sight. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

  • Randall Stross, How to Lose Your Job on Your Own Time. An article on internet identities and employment duties. (New York Times)
  • Rob Robinson, Compliance 2008, Do You Know What Your Employees are Doing? Outlines new web based software applications that may allow employees to perpetrate informational mischief. (Information Governance Engagement Area)
  • Conrad Jacoby, Discovery of Employee-Owned Computer Equipment. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may understand that the storage of work documents on employee home computers is my favorite Bugbear. This article discusses another reason for employers to clamp down – risk and cost reduction in e-discovery. (Internet Business Law Services)
  • Craig Ball, Ask and Answer the Right Questions in EDD. Craig Ball is another of my favorite commentators. Here, he lists 50 questions to consider at the outset of litigation and in meet and confer meetings. (

I pick up a significant number of my regular reads from Rob Robinson’s Information Governance Engagement Area. Please check him out if you haven’t done so yet.

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