Information Roundup – December 27, 2007

Here’s a new feature that I’ll resolve to keep with for the next while. Every one or two weeks I’ll post a handful of articles or blog posts that have caught my interest and are related to the subject matter of this blog. Here are some from my holiday readings (in no particular order):

  • Alan Taneja, Buying typical storage for video surveillance? Rethink that! A nice synopsis of new records management issues associated with video surveillance.
  • David Hecheler, Lockheed Employee’s YouTube Video Sounds Ethics Alarm. A thorough account of the story of whistleblower Michael DeKort.
  • Ron Ashkenas, Simplicity-Minded Management from the December 2007 Harvard Business Review. About simplifying business structures, products and business processes. The processes part has a bit about information management, which reminded me of a comment that came up in a recent conversation with a friend of mine who’s a GC. It went something like, “The mass of available information and the pace of business is leading to a crises of quality decision making.” I like this topic.
  • Kelly D. Talcott, Cutting out Privacy in the Office. Locking down work e-mail systems, the subject of this article, is a hugely important issue. I’d like to thank my managing partner, Stephen Shamie, for passing this one on.
  • Joe Bartling, Post-Termination Employment Forensics. Very prescriptive blog post on an important topic.
  • Ralph Losey, Best Buy Wins Key e-Discovery Ruling in Fraud Case. Here’s Mr. Losey’s summary of the much-discussed Best Buy Stores L.P. v. Developers Diversified Realty Corp. e-discovery award, a case on the duty to preserve a litigation database that is likely to be useful in subsequent litigation.


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