Halifax to Toronto in five podcasts all about information

We took young Hugo on his first surf trip to Halifax recently, and after enjoying a couple of weeks of beautiful weather and very bad surf, it took me about fifteen and a half hours from the time I dropped him and Seanna off at the Halifax airport to drive to our door in Toronto. (Dad travels with surfboards while mom travels with baby. And yes, I am a type “A” personality.)

Tom Petty’s newest, Highway Companion, pretty much blows my mind, but there’s only so many times I could listen to it (and sing along loudly enough to keep me alert) before seeking relief in the modern equivalent of talk radio. Here are the information-related podcasts that I listened to on the way home, listed in order of appreciation.

  1. “Electronic Evidence,” ABA Book Briefs Podcast (14 August 2007). An interview with Sharon Nelson and John Simek, co-authors of The Electronic Evidence and Discovery Handbook. Includes a good practical discussion on managing forensic experts.
  2. “Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work-Product Doctrine,” ABA Book Briefs Podcast (10 July 2007). An interview with Edna Epstien, Author of Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work-Product Doctrine. Good for issue identification. One good one: When an in-house lawyer sues for wrongful dismissal and alleges she was terminated for whistleblowing, in what circumstances will the records containing her advice be producible?
  3. “Negotiating Tip: Negotiating with Email,” Negotiating Tip of the Week (5 May 2007). This podcast series is by Dr. Josh Weiss, Associate Director of the Global Negotiation Project at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard. This one is really about negotiation, but has an outside link to records management. The last of the five tips: don’t negotiate by e-mail unless you have to.
  4. “What Hewlett-Packard’s Spying Scandal Tells Us about the Limitations of Corporate Boards,” Knowledge@Wharton Audio Articles (23 October 2006). Primarily about governance but describes the context for a much-discussed privacy issue.
  5. “Ten Rules for Managing Electronically Stored Information,” Litigation Podcast: Tips and Tactics (29 March 2007). Tips on proactive ESI management.

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