A couple new e-discovery resources

19 Aug

On August 16th the keepers of the Canadian E-Discovery Case Law Digest posted an update. I say “keepers” because the Digest now notes that it is maintained by the Sedona Canada Working Group, a group which I have just joined. I’ll have to find out how I can make a contribution because it is a great resource.

Also, I just listened to the first edition of “The ESI Report,” an e-discovery podcast broadcast on the Legal Talk Network (originally posted on August 13th).

I was most interested in the discussion of Columbia Pictures Industry v. Bunnel and the May 29th preservation order of the California Central District Court, which is notable as the first American case in which a party to a legal action has been ordered to preserve and produce data stored temporarily in a computer’s Random Access Memory.

In Bunnel, the defendant operates a website that allows users to download files that are used to search and download video files.  It did not log individuals’ IP addresses or instruct its third-party service provider to log IP addresses but these addresses, which can be used to identify users, were stored temporarily in RAM.  The plaintiff sued the defendant for contributing to and inducing copyright infringement and requested production of IP address logs to identify the direct copyright infringers.

The Court ordered the defendant to start logging IP addresses and to routinely produce them in masked form and in a manner that would allow the plaintiff to identify the regular users of the defendant’s service.  It held that IP addresses were existing records, were relevant to the action and were not unduly burdensome to produce.  It rejected numerous arguments that the privacy rights of the site’s users weighed against the order.


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