Information Roundup – 26 August 2008

Here are some readings you may find interesting.

  • “What Price Privacy?”  This is a great self-critical video by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the Australian Law Reform Commission proposal for a new statutory privacy tort. Hat tip to Peter Timmins.
  • “Universities Try to Control Students off Campus.” About a trend towards more expansive non-academic codes of student conduct.  It includes an odd statement from a student services administrator who suggests the expansion is about educating students on teaching responsible citizenship. I think it’s more driven by a new recognition that off-campus behavior is relevant to on-campus safety and, to a lesser degree, by the virtualization of harms. (Associated Press) 
  • Craig Ball, “When All Agree to Delete.”  About theft of information by departing employees.  He says, “Before you include data obliteration as a condition of settlement, be certain you’ve considered all the steps needed to effectuate reliable eradication, as well as the total cost and potential disruption.” (

Not much to report on the personal side, other than I’m in need of a good surf. Thankfully, the Atlantic surf season is upon us.

See ya!